Mental balance

Hello, dear dancers!

Since social life is not the same these days we have too much time to face our own demons. Maybe we are not choosing it but that what is happening when we are not keeping ourselves busy enough to distract our mind from the dark thoughts and things that we don’t accept in ourselves.

I would like to share tips that I find helpful in my personal experience.

1. Give yourself time and permission to live all emotions no matter how difficult it can be.

You can write a diary, cry it out (or laugh it out- sense of humor is gold), feel your worst. Don’t ignore or block emotion. Accept it, live it and it will go away since it will loose its energy. Hard times will be over, you will come through it and there is always rainbow after the rain. Everything is happening in the right moment. You are going through dark times in order to become a better, stronger, experienced person.

2. Dream.

Dream big and visualize in details your wildest dreams. Write it down, draw or print pictures of your dreams. Imagine how great it is, how amazing you will feel, but also think of the obstacles you might face and how to deal with them. (Scheme: Wish -best outcome – potential obstacles- “if-then” plan. )You will get any dream that your heart truly wishes, the one that will be beneficial for you and others.

3. Meditate..

I would say that meditation can be different: it’s not only sitting with eyes closed in silence, but listening to the music, dancing, hiking in nature, singing, coloring book, cooking, drawing- any activity that makes you relaxed and that focuses your brain only on this activity so your mind stops constant talk and shuts race of thoughts down.

4. Gratitude.

Gratitude will change your emotional state and switch your brain to sincere positivity. By writing your gratitude journal or saying “thank you” to people who surrounds you will build so much positive energy around you.

5. Exercise 30 min a day.

We usually feel lazy to start but we never regret after workout, walk, running. We feel alive, energized and endorphins make us happier.

6. Savoring.

Appreciate your life by watching old photos with happy moments. Rewind time, remember all those great days, people, experiences, opportunities. 8 min a day will make a huge difference and lift your mood up.

7. Drink water and eat healthy

Make natural food choices because of respect and love to your body and it will respond with health and gratitude.

8. Kindness.

Think about your strongest qualities and how you can use it to help others. Giving without waiting something back makes us feel happy and valuable. Try to practice random acts of kindness- it’s amazing booster of positive energy.

9. Try to minimize following social media– that will reduce comparison to other’s lives. Social media distracts us from hearing our inner voice, our heart.
10. And the main which includes every tip, the one that is essential and the meaning of everything- LOVE yourself. When we love and accept ourselves we spread love around, we treat people kindly and we are living our best lives. Every step and decision should be driven by love not by fear or guilt. Love is the answer. You are LOVE!

Lots of love,


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