How to dance BIGGER 💪

Do you watch your dance videos thinking, “Where’s all my energy?”
Do you gaze at dance pros whose vibes take up the whole room and ask yourself, “Why does my dancing look so much expressionless?”
Dancing bigger is about being more powerful and bold and confident in yourself and your dance. Learning some dance elements and patterns is not enough; you need to OWN them. And it definitely requires some practice.☝️☝️☝️

 What could you work on to make your dancing look bigger? 

👉 Stretch
You can dance bigger by filling out each movement, by using your body’s full range of motion.
Make this easier by stretching regularly. Being more flexible will set start and end points of your movements further apart, making them larger.
👉 Use your core
Start your movements from your core. Even if you make a simple arm movement or basic steps, it doesn’t mean the rest of your body may not participate. Make your core tightened and work for each movement. When you’re dancing, your entire body is dancing.
👉 Practice in front of the mirror, take videos
Checking on how you look when you dance whether through video or in a mirror always improves your work. You’ll be able to see many details to change in order to look the way you want.
👉 Don’t forget about your face
It’s more than just smiling; real or sincere facial expression often has more to do with the eyes. Truly SEE, LOOK, and TAKE IN the world through your eyes as you dance. This is the perfect space for you to explore your self-confidence, and just be an emotionally bigger you.
👉 Practice like you’re performing
Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training. – U.S. Navy
When you’re performing, you’re not able to do more than what you’ve already worked on so well that it’s natural. When you practice, always dance the way you want to look while performing.
👉 Include the audience in your performance
Make eye contact, direct your energy to one person within the audience or project your energy to the others around you.

What would you add?

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