Caring of your feet as a dancer

Dancer’s feet are a big deal. They have to endure vigorous pressure, movement, and weight. To keep you dancing your best, you need to take special care of them. Here are some tips to protect your feet and your joints, to keep them in a good shape.
🦶 Take care of your toenails
First things first, you should keep your toenails short. Damaging a nail or having ingrown nails caused from cutting them improperly are oh so painful.
🦶 Rest and recover
Allowing your feet to rest and recover is highly important and beneficial, in order to help prevent injuries due to overtraining. Possible ways of doing this is by soaking the feet in a nice warm bath with salts or simply taking the weight off your feet.
🦶 Get a foot massage regularly
Another great way to have your feet relieved. Don’t neglect nice foot massage; visiting a massage therapist is definitely worth trying. You may also use a tennis ball or foot roller each night before bed to help loosen up any knots and aching muscles.
🦶 Wear the correct footwear
When buying shoes, ensure you wear properly fitted shoes. Not only dance shoes, but any casual pumps too.
🦶 Consume vitamins and minerals and drink water
Taking your essential vitamins and properly hydrating can prevent foot cramps from forming. You can purchase a multi-vitamin that has potassium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D to help. And ensure you drink plenty of water before and after dancing.
What are the tips and tricks that work for you?

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