Tip#3: Carpool

One of the greatest challenges of going to an event can be, well, going to the event. Travel costs are often less than affordable these days, and most of us aren’t spoiled enough to have a year’s supply of events in our hometowns (Looking at you, LA Westies). Thankfully, whether by car or plane, there are plenty of ways to reduce your travel expenses.

Method # 1: Road trip!

Regardless if you are driving one-hundred miles or five-hundred, the best way to minimize travel expenses when driving is to pack as many people in your car as possible. The more passengers you have to split gas money with, the less everyone will have to pay. Additionally, consider whose car gets the most miles per gallon—little things like that can make a substantial difference. Plus, what could be more fun than a Westie Road Trip?

If you don’t have any friends from your town attending the event, check the event’s Facebook page to see if anyone will be passing through your area on the way. Some universities even have rideshare pages where students can both offer and ask for rides to certain areas. This is an especially good option if you live in/near a major city. You never know when someone might be taking a weekend trip to the same location as you!

Method #2: Fly with friends!

Some events are awesome enough to offer a group discount code for certain airlines. If your dance community is planning on attending an event together, it never hurts to check the event’s website for this. Rose City Swing (coming up next weekend!) has been gracious enough to set up a group discount for groups traveling via Alaska Airlines.

I personally tend to travel alone most of the time, but websites like Skyscanner and Kayak can typically find me affordable flights. The most helpful hint I can give for finding the cheapest flight possible is to be flexible with your schedule. Sometimes the difference between leaving in the morning versus the evening is upwards of $100!


Being a Wandering Westie isn’t exactly the cheapest hobby passion to have, but with the right amount of planning and teamwork, it can be done.

Safe travels!


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